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ALHOSN University Sets Up Audio-Visual Club for Students and Staff

As a new initiative from Dr. Naima Benkari, Chair of the Department of Architectural Engineering, an Audio and Visual Club has been established at ALHOSN University. The aim of this club is to create and collect documentaries of selected photography, movies and animations made by professionals and students. “The club membership is free to all ALHOSN students, faculty and staff members”, Dr. Naima Benkari states. Initially, several students and faculty members and staff have registered for membership in the club. The club’s first goals are to prepare a full documentary about the university’s establishment, formation and main activities. In addition, the club is working on creating a documentary about Abu Dhabi from an urban design and architectural prospective. Other plans, such as photography teaching sessions and inviting guest speakers on related fields, are being planned for the coming months.

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