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Voluntary computer literacy workshop

Students from the Software Engineering Department of ALHOSN University teamed up with the Centre of Adult Education in Abu Dhabi which is part of Abu Dhabi Education Council and conducted a voluntary computer literacy workshop for older adults. The workshop was run at ALHOSN University. 
The workshop was organised by the Takatof Programme for Social Volunteering, which is a nationwide volunteering initiative in the United Arab Emirates, presented by ALHOSN International Business student Ms. Budoor Nasser Al Saari and Dr. Maher Aburrous, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Software Engineering Department. 
“The goal of the workshop was to teach older people how to use computers while at the same time allowing ALHOSN students a great opportunity to experience the rewards of volunteering while serving the greater Abu Dhabi community” said Dr. Aburrous.
“There was a wonderful response from my colleagues in the software engineering department” Ms. Al Saari said “I was delighted to be part of this project which facilitates adult learning and promotes volunteerism within the university. It has been very successful and we hope to be able to repeat the project on a regular basis with the Centre of Adult Education in Abu Dhabi” 

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