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ALHOSN University Screens Into the Unknown

The American Corner of Abu Dhabi City at ALHOSN University screened Into the Unknown: The James Webb Space Telescope on Monday 24 October 2016. Over 50 students and staff enjoyed the documentary that offered an in-depth look at one of the most daring scientific missions ever attempted. The documentary was screened during Discover America 2016 to excite students and inspire them to pursue scientific studies and careers.  
The film tells the story of the building of The Webb Telescope, a revolutionary observatory 100 times more powerful to the Hubble Telescope. Into the Unknown was initiated by The Northrop Grumman Foundation, representatives including Dr. Alberto Conti, Innovation Manager, Mr. Gus Makrygiannis, Director and Deputy Program Manager for the James Webb Space Telescope Program and  Ms. Krystal Puga, Spacecraft Systems Engineer answered students' questions regarding the telecope's construction after the screening.

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