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Readiness of the UAE Nuclear Workforce for 21st Century Challenges


Dr. Filippo Genco , assistant professor , Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department at ALHOSN University conducted a seminar titled “Readiness of the UAE Nuclear Workforce for 21st Century Challenges”
Many studies have shown that any industrial or post-industrial country willing to grow economically or simply needing to maintain the acquired standard of living, needs to have large availability of energy. Data from the World Bank shows that increased GDP corresponds almost linearly to increased energy production. In recent years the scientific community became more aware of the problems related to excessive fossil fuel burning in terms of Earth’s pollution and CO2 emissions.  Several scientific reports have proven that only renewable energies and nuclear power can reduce the human carbon footprint, if used on a large scale. The UAE have developed in the past few years, a visionary approach to developing energy production using nuclear power plants, solar power, wind energy and they also have an ambitious program for hydrogen production. Future engineers will have to be well prepared for these challenges and able to acquire a solid background in both nuclear engineering sciences and alternative sources of energies. ALHOSN University offers, through the nuclear concentration program into Mechanical Engineering, a unique opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge in all these important subjects both for future UAE and international industrial development. 


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