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The Police Crime Scene Management Division honors ALHOSN University on the occasion of the forty-third celebration of the UAE National Day

Al HOSN University received an invitation from the Crime Scene Management of  Abu Dhabi Police to attend the forty third National Day celebrations of the United Arab Emirates.  Dr. Mohammed Saeed El Naby head of the Department of Education, attended the ceremony accompanied by a number of students from the University.
The Management team visited the university earlier this year and showed students their work.
At the ceremony they had a show enacting the efforts of the police to explore the crime scene and to identify the perpetrators through their fingerprints as well as a recitation of excerpts from the book "flashes of verse" of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid by the student Saeeda Jasser  from the Department of Education of ALHOSN University and a heritage competition including questions about the history of the UAE.
The event ended with the Crime Scene Management honoring ALHOSN University through the granting of the police section emblem as well as a certificate of appreciation for the educational efforts of the university. In likewise manner, Dr. Mohammed Saeed El Naby Saeed offered a copy of the book of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid as a gift to the Department of the Crime Scene

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