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7th United Arab Emirates Engineering Deans Council (UAE-EDC)

On 10th April 2016, ALHOSN University hosted the 7th United Arab Emirates Engineering Deans Council (UAE-EDC) meeting. The UAE-EDC was formally established in October 2012 with a mission to promote the advancement of engineering education and research ecosystem in the UAE, and to serve the UAE community at large in the areas of engineering and technology. In the context of its name and mission, the council also includes information technology and computer science. 2013-2014 was the first year of the formal operation of the UAE-EDC.
The UAE-EDC membership is open to UAE institutions that run at least a Bachelor or a master degree program accredited by the CAA (the UAE-EDC has seventeen members to date). Its goals are to provide members with a forum for sharing information, forge partnerships, advocate academic and accreditation standards, facilitate networking with external partners and stakeholders, and maintain links and seek continuous engagement with international education and research bodies (IFEES, GEDC, etc.)
The UAE-EDC has initiated an ambitious agenda of nation-wide initiatives related to education and research. During the last meeting, projects such as a nation-wide graduate collaborative course offering as well as the set-up of a database of research profiles of member-institutions faculty for a fruitful collaboration and a concerted effort in research and funding applications were furthered. Other related and important matters were also discussed.
Engineering Deans, from UAE CAA accredited Universities were welcomed by the Vice Chancellor Dr. Mohamad Kashef, the Provost Prof. Kamel Ghorab and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences Prof. Mohammed Chacha around a refreshment table. The meeting started at 9:45 am with a note of the Vice Chancellor inviting and encouraging the participating deans to continue in their quest to design engineering curriculums that better prepare graduates to face the multiple challenges of the 21st century. The meeting ended at 12:00 PM with a business lunch


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