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ALHOSN University’s 2nd Annual Career Fair reveals opportunities in Gulf’s top job destination


ALHOSN University launched its 2nd Annual Career Fair today (Tuesday, April 12, 2011) to facilitate meetings between its current students, alumni and various local and regional employers.

The fair aims to capitalize on the UAE’s current status as the Gulf’s top employment destination, with 49 per cent of the region’s expatriate workers favoring the domestic job market. Participating employers provided information about their organization, met with potential recruits, and targeted the core engineering, applied science, business, and educational competencies of ALHOSN students.

“The huge turnout at this year’s fair shows how the UAE has proven itself to be one of the Middle East’s most stable and forward-looking job destinations over the past few months. The introduction of more worker-friendly policies in the UAE at the beginning of 2011 is spurring very promising employment opportunities, many of which are being featured in our event. Our employer profile for the 2011 fair offers a great advantage to our job-hunting students and alumni who want to be part of progressive organizations,” said Ms. Mahasen Al Mahasneh, Career Development Coordinator, ALHOSN University.



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