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The Department of Education honors the director general of ENNAHDHA National Schools in Abu Dhabi

The Department of Education at ALHOSN University paid a visit to Mr. Said Al Junaibi, Director General of ENNAHDHA National Schools in Abu Dhabi, who kindly briefed them on his journey in the field of education.  Mr. Al Junaibi also discussed the establishment of ENNAHDHA national schools thirty years ago, with special emphasis on the efforts of these schools to provide quality education to the students of Abu Dhabi. He expressed his readiness to be part of any form of collaboration with ALHOSN University.
Dr. Mohammed Saeed, head of the Education Department highlighted the efforts of ENNAHDHA Schools and their cooperation with the Department of Education over the past years, particularly through practical field training for students of the department. He also discussed what could be accomplished by ENNAHDHA Schools through research and the contribution that the link between the theoretical framework provided by the university, and the practical application that is provided by the schools would make.                                                                                                         Dr. Hassan al-Samarrai faculty member and one of the department supervisors for the practical training praised the teachers and supervisors for their collaboration in the training stressing that ENNAHDHA schools spared no effort to provide aid and support to the students of the department.
At the end of the meeting Mr. Saeed Al Junaibi, Director General of ENNAHDHA National Schools was offered an ALHOSN crystal logo while both Ms Basima Al Junaibi Deputy Director General and Mr. Adnan Abbas, director of ENNAHDHA National School for boys received a certificate of appreciation. 


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