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Oracle Academy Workshop- MIS department

On Wednesday, 6th of May, 2015, the MIS department participated in a workshop titled “Oracle Academy Day” at the HCT Men’s College in Abu Dhabi.    Dr. Fadia M. Hegazy, Ms. Huda Kindi and Ms. Nahla Arafa attended the workshop. The event was an amazing learning experience which potentially brings challenging and rewarding employment opportunities to the MIS students of ALHOSN University . The work shop covered diverse and comprehensive topics. They ranged from:  introduction to Oracle  and the need for key niche skills in the region, an overview of Oracle Academy and examples of its engagement,  Oracle Academy curriculum, credit leveling, mapping and key concepts and also women in IT within the region and the general worldwide skill gaps and opportunities in the global IT sector. The workshop concluded with a detailed lecture on Cloud Computing definition and overview. Future engagements with Oracle Academy and the MIS department at ALHOSN were discussed. If and when implemented, ALHOSN students are more likely to have an even greater employability rate both at home and abroad. 

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