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ALHOSN University celebrated UAE’s ‘42 Years of Prosperity’ with meaningful activities

ALHOSN University celebrated this year’s National Day in advance with various activities at its Female Campus held under the theme of ‘42 Years of Prosperity in the UAE with the Union.’
Among the indoor events prepared were a short lecture on Union formation by Dr. Ahmed Awadi, an Emirati faculty member teaching Emirati Culture at ALHOSN University, a poem recited by esteemed Emirati poet Dr. Talal Al Junaibi, and a Comedy Show featuring the Emirati comedian Abdulla Al Qassab.  Outdoor activities, on the other hand, included ‘Al Yolla,’ the UAE’s traditional folk dance, a short poetry reading by Aysha Al Ali, a comedy show presented by ALHOSN students, a Q&A session on the history and culture of UAE visits to a traditional souq set up at the campus grounds, and dinner at the female cafeteria.
University students themselves handled the activities running from 5 to 8 pm. The audience grabbed some Emirati sweets, ‘lgaimat’ (fried dumplings), and ‘mhalla’ and had Emirati coffee. Girls went for special henna tattooing sessions as well.
“ALHOSN University always does two things during UAE National Day: we celebrate the past, and look forward to the future. This year we have chosen to focus on the prosperity this great nation has enjoyed for 42 years. Amidst the festivities we will hold meaningful activities that will give Emiratis great pride in their country and in their identity, and we look forward to sharing this joyful occasion with our community, our valued partners and special guests,” said Prof. Munther Talal Momany, Vice Chancellor & CEO of ALHOSN University.

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