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The SWE Department visited IBM Headquarters

The Software Engineering Department male and female students visited IBM Headquarters in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, November 24th, 2011 supervised by Dr. Adel Khelifi, Ms. Amal Aboaziza and Mr. Murad Al-Rajab. After a warm welcome from the IBM team, Mr. Denny Punnoose, from IBM Middle East delivered an illuminating presentation which sparked the interest of both students and faculty members. The presentation started by introducing an enthralling video of the Centennial celebration of IBM.  Mr. Denny explained why IBM is still running strong in comparison to other IT companies. The main reason is IBM’s slogan “THINK”, which encourages their employees not only to work but to “listen”, “observe” and “think”. The presentation concluded with Mr. Punnoose explaining where IBM is now, its current position in the market place, and the management strategies which keep IBM running strong and beating the competition.

The trip concluded with the ALHOSN Software Engineering Department presenting a gift as a token of appreciation to the IBM team for their exceptional reception and kind hosting.  


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