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American Concrete Institute’s UAE Chapter holds concrete design seminar at ALHOSN University

Abu Dhabi’s engineering community, including ALHOSN’s engineering faculty & students gain valuable knowledge on eco-friendly concrete construction practices

ALHOSN University, a leading Abu Dhabi-based university dedicated to high-quality value-based education, hosted an educational seminar entitled ‘Advances in Concrete Design’ presented by the American Concrete Institute’s (ACI) UAE Chapter  last June 7, 2010 at ALHOSN’s Male campus.

The seminar covered the latest developments in concrete construction and design and focused on sustainable practices and techniques in particular. ALHOSN’s very own Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, discussed ‘Concrete Trends for Sustainable Construction.’ The seminar included presentation prepared by the international concrete expert Prof. Sabnis, from Howard University, USA, and the ACI-UAE Chapter members Eng. Elias Sayah, Dr Mohamad Nagi, , and Eng. Mamdouh Hamouda delivered presentations on ‘Energy Efficient Building Design with Renewable Energy US/India Experience with Potentials in UAE,’ ‘Durability and Its Impact of Concrete Construction in the UAE,’ ‘Sustainability with 3R’s in Concrete,’ and ‘Concrete Elasto-Plastic Shortening,’ respectively.

“The UAE is one of the world’s top construction markets. At the same time, the country is becoming a hub for alternative energy development. There is thus an urgent need to harmonize the Emirates’ construction activities with its sustainability goals. This seminar has provided valuable insights on how eco-friendly techniques and technologies are being integrated into concrete design and construction, and our attending colleague engineers,  faculty and students are very eager to apply what they have learned to their theoretical and practical undertakings,” said Dr Hany El Naggar, the ACI-UAE Chapter president, and the vice president for Engineering at the center for research and consultancy (CRC) at ALHOSN University.

After the seminar, young practicing engineers were encouraged to join the ACI-UAE Chapter and become seminar speakers themselves in future Chapter events. The ACI-UAE Chapter’s offices are located at ALHOSN University, which maintains advanced Civil, Architectural, and industrial engineering and urban planning academic programs and is renowned for encouraging women to join the technical and engineering fields.

The non-profit ACI-UAE Chapter includes around 130 UAE-based members of ACI International, an organization that has been delivering quality educational programs in the concrete field and supporting industry globally with educational seminars since 1969.  Other ACI chapters in the Middle East are located in Kuwait and Lebanon.

ALHOSN University opened in 2005 and offers 18 accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in three faculties to students of all nationalities. The City Campus of ALHOSN includes the Men’s Campus, the Women’s Campus, a Library Building, Lectures Building, Studio Building, and the Engineering Labs Building.


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