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The Art and Science of Urban Planning. A Public Lecture by Richard LeGates

The Department of Urban Planning is pleased to host Fulbright senior specialist, Professor Richard LeGates. LeGates is Professor Emeritus of Urban Studies and Planning, San Francisco State University.
As Abu Dhabi transforms itself into a global center of cultural and scientific innovation planners will meet enormous technical challenges and have the opportunity to create iconic new designs. In this public lecture Professor Richard LeGates will explore how “artistic” and “scientific” approaches to urban planning past and present may merge in creating cities of the future.
Richard LeGates has 35 years experience teaching urban studies and planning courses. He received a joint degree in law and city planning from U.C. Berkeley in 1968/69 and is a member of the California bar. Currently he teaches fall semester only and devotes the balance of the year to research, writing, and travel. He served as director of the SFSU Urban Studies Program for 12 years and has experience organizing conferences and writing grant proposals.
Recent projects include a report on state regional planning policy for the California Assembly speaker’s commission on regionalism, developing curriculum materials to teach GIS in the social sciences with support from the U.S. National Science Foundation, teaching a summer workshop in GIS for social science faculty under the auspices of U.C. Santa Barbara’s SPACE program and the University Consortium for GIS.
Professor LeGates is the author of Think Globally, Act Regionally (Redlands: ESRI Press, 2005), co-author of The City Reader (London and New York: Routledge 3rd edition 2003; 4th edition planned for 2007), and co-editor of the Routledge urban reader series.
What: a special urban planning lecture
When: 3:30pm, Tuesday 27 April
Where: ALHOSN UNIVERSITY, male campus
This event is powered by ALHOSN University Planning Lecture Series.
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