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Field Trip to CGC Site by the Civil Engineering Department


The Civil Engineering Department of the ALHOSN University in collaboration with CGC, organized a field trip at the construction project of a high-rise residential building in Abu Dhabi
The students were accompanied by Dr. George Markou, who  the faculty that organized this field trip, and his Teaching Assistant Eng.
Ahmed Ghazali.
CGC’s Project Manager Eng. Khaled Darwish greeted the ALHOSN students and spoke to them about the project and the different engineering aspects that a Civil Engineer has to face when
dealing with such a construction project. Different questions were asked as Eng. Khaled was explaining the technical drawings and the different phases of this project. This was followed by the Safety Engineer informing the students about the safety
policy of the company and gave advice regarding emergency scenarios.
The field trip included a demonstration of a slump test in situ and an explanation of how the site engineer is responsible to assure the quality of the concrete that arrives at the construction site and the tests that are performed in order to achieve this quality.The students also visited the project’s foundation site where they viewed
how the concreting of the piles was performed.  The
students had also the chance to talk with one of the engineers that participated at the piling works of the tallest building in the world that is under construction in KSA. This super-high-rise building will measure 1007 meters tall.
After the completion of the tour Dr. Markou and the students thanked all the Engineers for their valuable information and their time in answering the numerous questions that arose
during this constructive field trip, and returned safely to the university’s campus.


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