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Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering FIELD-TRIP

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department of ALHOSN University arranged a field trip for the “Manufacturing Processes” course for both Mechanical and Industrial engineering students on February 19th 2015; accompanied by Dr. Mehdi Shemirani they visited two different manufacturing establishments (Neopharma & Leaders Décor)

Both facilities are located in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi. The field trip began at 9:30 am and ended at 2 pm.
Students started their visit at Neopharma which is a well established and organized pharmaceutical company. There they were briefed by Dr. Riad, technical manager and, after being equipped with suitable protective clothing, allowed to visit the sanitized facilities. Students familiarised themselves with processes such as; powder mixing for capsulate, syrup mixer, dehydrating unit as well as filling and automated packing section. (Unfortunately photography was not permitted within the facility).
Students were delighted when told by Dr. Riad that they can apply for internship at Neopharma as well as the possibility for full time employment once they have finished their education.
At the end of the visit General Manager of Neopharma, Mr. Suresh Pie was given a small token of appreciation for providing this opportunity for our university to visit their facility.
The second part of the field trip was to visit a costume design Décor manufacturing company which has incorporated both manual and well advanced machinery such as; Shearing, CNCs, and Laser machines. Students were shown the production of costume design as well as semi-mass produced products from conceptual design generated in their design and engineering office to the finished product ready for shipping.
The general manager and partner, Mr. Dani was given a small token of appreciation for providing this opportunity to our students at very short notice. He also promised our students that they can apply for internship at one of his facilities as well as the chance of being employed by them in the future.


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