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FASS fifth seminar:“I am a Lexicographer; I write dictionaries”

On Thursday, March the 6th, Dr. Radia Benzehra: an Assistant Professor in the English Department took us on an informative and enjoyable voyage into her world of Lexicography. Prof. Hassan Mustapha, Chair of the English Department, introduced Dr. Radia.
Dr. Benzehra began her presentation by discussing the most famous Lexicographers in history, and surprisingly for some unclear reason most of them were men. She explained how words enter the dictionary; the most important factor that determines whether or not a word should be in the dictionary is its frequency, i.e. its occurrence and its usage among people. As an example; the word “selfie” which means a self-portrait in photograph is now considered a real English term and it has already entered the dictionary due to its high frequency!


Moving on, Dr. Radia showed the latest software used at Oxford University Press in the dictionary writing process. She also emphasized that lexicography is a highly sophisticated task that is not yet considered as a fully-fledged profession and remains unknown to the general public.
The seminar was attended by Prof. Munther Talal Momany – VC and CEO of ALHOSN University, Prof. Raymond Tennant – Sorbonne University, Dr. Mohamed Saeed – Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof. Hassan Mustapha – Chair of English Department, Dr. Teirab Ashshareef – Chair of Education Department, Dr. Mohamed Kashef – Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, as well as many other Instructors, Faculty members and Staff.
Finally, Prof. Munther Momany awarded Dr. Radia a certificate of appreciation and Prof. Hassan Mustapha gave her a souvenir for her excellent presentation.


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