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ACAD Affords Unique Glimpse of Presidential Election Process to Community

The American Corner hosted Mr. Eric Janski on October 8, 2012 in "US Presidential elections: Introduction." The US officer and pilot is currently an Assistant Attaché of the US Liaison Office in the United States Embassy in Abu Dhabi and works with Emirati counterparts on security issues and bilateral relations.
Mr. Janski focused in his presentation on the 2012 US elections and on the role of the general public and the electoral college in the nomination process for the office of the President. Students from the Urban Planning program attended the informative presentation detailing the processes of presidential primaries and general elections and the intricate ways the US geography and demographics have a bearing on the outcome of these elections.
Dr. Adnan Husnéin, Assistant Professor at the Department of the Urban Planning, describes the valuable opportunity afforded to his students by attending the lecture. “Eric opened a window onto the world of US presidential elections—a process which is both unique and always fascinating. My students were especially intrigued by the maps that related spatial information to how various states vote during the election season.”
Mr. Eric Janski was born in Waconia, Minnesota and graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2000 with a BS in Civil Engineering.  He received his MBA from Colorado State University in 2010.  During his 12 years of service abroad, Janski has been assigned to over 9 different duty locations including South Korea, Italy, and now the UAE.  Eric has been married to his wife Amie for 6 years and they have a 7-month-old son Benjamin.

About the American Corner of Abu Dhabi City:

The American Corner of Abu Dhabi City at ALHOSN University is one of four American Corners in the UAE and is among 400 worldwide. It was established through the United States Embassy to promote mutual understanding and the exchange of ideas between the United States and the United Arab Emirates. The American Corner of Abu Dhabi City strives to be a cultural hub for the community to engage in activities and events that inspire critical reflection, inter-cultural exchange and learning through a wide variety of informational resources and cultural programs.

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