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ALHOSN University workshop honors scouting traditions & practices

ALHOSN University’s Architectural Engineering Department and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences recently organized a workshop on the culture and practices of scouting. Three prominent figures of the local Scout Movement shared their views, expertise and experiences on how scouting can promote individual growth while fostering a strong commitment to serving the family, the community, the country, and the world at large.
The distinguished guest speakers – Fourth Generation Center Director Yahia Zayed, Eng. Zainab Humaid Mubarak, Director of Projects and Development at Khalifa University and a Board Member at Fourth Generation, and Ms. Yusr Zayed, a Girl Scout’s leader and coordinator at Fourth Generation. Mr. Yahia Zayed is a Scout’s Leader with over 30 years of experience in local and international scouting events, while Eng. Mubarak is a Girl Scout’s Leader who has represented the UAE in several regional and international scouting jamborees. Ms. Yusr Zayed is another Girl Scouts Leader who has helped organize various scouting activities in the UAE and abroad.
The trio explained how scouting can enhance the physical, mental and social skills of members. They emphasized that scouting is not just a series of outdoor activities but more importantly upholds a progressive code of ethics that advocates tolerance, teamwork, personal development, learning by doing, environmental responsibility, and community service.
Dr. Kashef, Chair of ALHOSN University’s Architectural Engineering Department, said: “Scouting plants the seeds of trustworthiness, honor, camaraderie, social responsibility, initiative, readiness, leadership, and collaboration within its members. More than a movement, it is a way of life that teaches individuals to harness their full potential while positively impacting the people and the world around them.  ALHOSN University will definitely continue to support this important platform for molding the nation’s future leaders.”
After the workshop, the speakers received a crystal logo of ALHOSN presented by Prof. Munther Momany, Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University, Dr. Kashef, and Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab Al Naby, the University’s Dean of Arts and Social Sciences. The university officials also thanked the guests for encouraging ALHOSN students to enlist in Abu Dhabi’s first Girl Scout Troop. The girls will undergo extensive training in preparation for potential active participation in future local, regional and international scouting events.
Abu Dhabi–based ALHOSN University was opened in 2005 to students of all nationalities in response to growing local demand for high-quality, value-based education. The University currently offers 18 undergraduate and 11 graduate programs under the Faculties of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Business, and Arts and Social Sciences. Similar to the Scout Movement, ALHOSN’s holistic approach to lifelong learning emphasizes both individual development and community service.

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