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Costra Visit

On Thursday, April 29th, 2012 the students of MIE department, accompanied by their instructors Dr. Adnan Bashire, Dr. Mehdi Sherimani and Mr. Mohammad Nidal, visited Costra Company in Dubai.
Mr. Sankar, HR Manager at Costra Company, delivered a riveting speech about the company and its innovations. After that, Mr. Azhar, from the Department of Administration, spoke about the products manufactured by Costra for different projects. He also led the students on a tour in all departments of the production line from the raw material until the finished products.
After the tour, the group had refreshments and enjoyed some entertainment. At the end of the visit, they met with Mr. Mukesh, one of the company’s directors, who made a pledge to further develop collaboration between ALHOSN University and Costra Company.

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