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ALHOSN University encourages development of technical skills for the 21st century workplace

Officials outline engineering & ICT career options at Institute of Applied Technology in Fujairah


Key officials from ALHOSN University, a leading Abu Dhabi-based academic institution dedicated to high-quality, value-based education, recently visited the Fujairah campus of the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) to discuss career opportunities in the engineering, computer science and technology fields.
ALHOSN’s Marketing & PR Team, discussed ALHOSN’s various academic programs and encouraged students to consider a career in engineering, especially in the software engineering field. The visit forms part of ALHOSN initiatives to promote the development of technical skills needed for the rapidly evolving 21st century workplace.
“We have witnessed a rapid change in workplace skill requirements just a decade into this century. There is a particularly strong emphasis on technical competency to complement the emphasis in several countries to establish digital societies. It is therefore important for the Middle East to build up its pool of technically-proficient talent to ensure the region’s sustained social, economic and commercial growth,” Nadine Kanj, Marketing & PR Manager, ALHOSN University.
ALHOSN’s engineering and applied sciences department delivers quality programs in architecture, civil and industrial engineering, interior design, software engineering, and urban planning. In addition, ALHOSN also offers programs in Business and Arts & Social Sciences. One of the University’s goals is to increase the number of female students in the engineering departments

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