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ALHOSN University & building SMART ME organize Building Information Modeling workshop


ALHOSN University has conducted a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Workshop in cooperation with building SMART ME (BSME), the regional arm of the non-profit international alliance representing construction-related businesses. The event is the first of a series of BIM workshops and events that will mold ALHOSN into Abu Dhabi City’s BIM center.

The university’s Society of Women in Engineering (SOWIE) sponsored the initiative with BSME. Two workshops were separately conducted in mid-December for female and male students and covered Demolition, Operation and Maintenance, Construction Logistics, 4D/5D Construction, Fabrication, Documentation, Analysis, Detailed and Conceptual Design, Programming, and Renovation.

Workshop participants qualified for a Certificate in Building Information Modeling (BIM Level I) and will be able to enroll in future higher-level BIM training programs. ALHOSN’s Departments of Civil and Architectural Engineering jointly coordinated the BIM events at  the ALHOSN Campus.

“BIM is becoming a major platform for project management and engineering as it represents a new way of approaching the design and documentation of building projects. It offers numerous time, quality and profitability advantages over traditional methods such as computer-aided design. As a member of BSME, ALHOSN feels privileged to be sharing key concepts of the BIM paradigm, especially among female faculty and students whom we highly encourage to take active roles in the engineering field,” said Dr. Reem Sabouni, Assistant Professor at the Civil Engineering Department and Vice President of SOWIE, ALHOSN University.



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