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Field Trip -Visit to Smart Solutions

On Thursday, November the 22nd, the Software Engineering Department organized a field trip to “Smart Solutions” company in Jabal Ali, Dubai. Students were accompanied by Dr. Samia Loucif and Mr. Murad Al-Rajab. The company supports smart technologies and full automation for a wide range of premises, including houses, hotels, and hospitals. With fully automated houses, for example, every single aspect such as lighting, opening and closing doors can be controlled remotely through mobile devices and electronic devices.
Students watched a demo of a fully automated system where different facilities were demonstrated. They were also introduced to some types of sensors which were used in the implementation of the system, categories of wireless communication protocols such as RFID, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. Students became familiarized with the types of devices used, their installation, and the interconnection between all these devices to allow control from a PC or Smartphone. Furthermore, they engaged in a discussion about the development of the software that controls the system and client requirements, such as requirements elicitation, the design of the application, and the implementation.

“The field trip was really enlightening and we sincerely thank the Software Engineering department for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to discover the latest technologies in our field,” said student Dina Ahmed Mohamed.
On his part, student Rhaed Khiati commented, “I think this was a great learning experience. We are really fortunate to get the chance to see all this magnificent technology. Just learning about smart homes made me even more determined to become a software engineer.”

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