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“Smart King”- Creative Play by Students of Education


The Department of Education at ALHOSN University presented a play titled “Smart King”, in which female students from the Department of Education performed the play, under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab El-Naby, Chair of the Department of Education. The play revolves around a boy who lost his Dirham while falling asleep on his way back home to his mother after selling butter. When the king heard about his story, he ingeniously managed to hoodwink the thief and return the lost Dirham to the boy. This story appears in the Arabic language textbook of the 4th grade. Presenting stories in the form of plays is one of the educational means advocated by modern approaches to teaching. Also implementing the curriculum through theatrical activities can be a source of motivation for students to participate actively in the learning process.
Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and the CEO of ALHOSN University, who attended the play, commended the efforts exerted by the students to make this play successful, as well as the outstanding supervision that went into the preparation for the play, especially at this critical juncture in which students are preparing themselves for the final examinations. This affirms the importance of extracurricular activities for students and the university. Prof. Sabouni also pointed out  that the University’s mission is not confined to teaching per se; rather it extends to serving the community and conducting academic research.
The play was attended by Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Mousa, Prof.  in the Department of Education, Prof. Hassan Mustapha, Program Director of Master of Education, Ms. Ghada Qabha, Director of Student Affairs, as well as a large audience comprised of ALHOSN University female students, their families, as well as children from schools in Abu Dhabi.
It is worth-mentioning that this is the fifth play performed by the students of the Department of Education. Past plays performed are: “Bewildered Wife” in 2007, “Merciless” in 2008, “Federation” in 2009 and “Weird Trick” in 2010. The latter was performed using dummies.



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