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FASS fourth Seminar: Lucid Dreaming


Dr. Alexander Soldat, an Assistant Professor in Psychology\ Sociology, gave a talk on Thursday, February the 27th about “Lucid Dreaming”. Dr. Soldat was formally introduced by Prof. Gregory Mavrides, Chair of Social Sciences Department, who also opened the session.    
Dr. Soldat started his presentation by defining “Sleep” and explaining its stages then he gradually reached to the most exciting part: Dreams. During the presentation, Dr. Soldat emphasized on the fact that all of us dream but not everyone can recall their dreams.
The phenomenon “Lucid Dreaming” got most of the attention at the lecture, as it was something new and exciting to almost everyone and consequently took most of the time.
The audience was very interactive and excited to ask questions, share personal thoughts and experiences and of course take the advice of Dr. Soldat.    
The lecture was attended by Dr. Marko Savic – Provost for Quality Assurance and Development, Dr. Mohamed Saeed – Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Mohamed Kashef – Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Prof. Hassan Mustapha – Chair of English Department, Dr. Teirab Ashshareef – Chair of Education Department, Ms. Maha Hamdi – HR Manager, as well as many other Faculty members, Instructors and students.
Finally, as the lecture ended; Dr. Marko gave Dr. Alexander a certificate of appreciation for his brilliant lecture.        

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