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Nationally-acclaimed writer & poet Habeeb Al Sayegh reads selection of his works at 13th ALHOSN University Reading Club Forum

The Reading Club at ALHOSN University, a leading Abu Dhabi-based university, dedicated to high-quality, value-based education, recently hosted a poetry reading by renowned writer and poet Habeeb Al Sayegh during its 13th Forum held at the university’s Female Campus.
Female students, faculty, staff, distinguished guests and members of the press were enraptured by Al Sayegh’s reading of a collection of his poems.  Mr Al Sayegh, who is currently the Director General of Sultan bin Zayed’s Culture and Media Centre and the Assistant Secretary General of the General Union of Arab Writers and Authors, is one of the pioneers of the new poetry movement that has swept the UAE and the Gulf region.
Al Sayegh was the first poet to win the prestigious Emirates Appreciation Award for Arts, Science and Literature in the literature category. He has also been honored by the UAE Journalists Association for nearly 40 years of service to the National Press. His visit to ALHOSN reflects the university’s commitment to introducing its students and community to local luminaries from various fields in line with its philosophy of ‘global knowledge with local vision.’
In introducing Al Sayegh to the audience, Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab El Nabi, Chair of  Department of Education and Supervisor of the Reading Club, lauded the poet’s flair for language and poetry. He commented that Al Sayegh, a poetic prodigy, dedicated his first poem to his mother as early as three years of age. He added that followers of Al Sayegh’s masterpieces will notice that he is one of the few poets capable of balancing poetry and thought to provide a distinctive tone to his works. The balance between language and idea, image and context, and meaning and composition creates an intelligent equation that leads to truly unique compositions where no one side dominates the other. The attainment of such works requires an authentic poetic talent, a strong cultural background, and rich life experiences.
El Nabi further stated that Al Sayegh’s sensitivity to poetry is apparent in his works and that the poet has been able to live up to high standards of thought, content and theme. He added that Al Sayegh elevates the language, fabric and images of his poems with balanced force and unique casting, so that the tyranny of ideas does not compromise his work and his influential poetry does not falter in exchange for deep thoughts.
“Poetry is indeed language at its finest. We were all inspired by Al Sayegh’s eloquence and the power behind the messages of his works. Art is an important aspect of human life; it reflects the best and the worst of humanity and unites us in our passions and goals. Al Sayegh has reminded us why the art of reading has been treasured for ages, and how appreciation for this and other art forms should be encouraged among today’s youths,” said Prof Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO, ALHOSN University.
At the end of the ceremony, Prof Abdul Rahim Sabouni handed the crystal logo of the university to Habeeb Al Sayegh in recognition of his creative poetry and appreciation for his visit to the campus.


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