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General Meeting

Sunday, September 1st 2013

ALHOSN University held its annual welcome meeting for all faculty and staff for the Academic Year 2013-2014.
Prof. Munther Momany the newly appointed Vice Chancellor said he accepted the “mantle of leadership with humble reverence” while extending his hands to everybody for their support.

He began his speech by welcoming everybody wishing them a successful new academic year and expressing his gratitude to H.E. Khalifa Mohamed Rubaya Al Muhairi, Chairman of the ALHOSN Board of Trustees as well as to the other members for their trust and assistance.

After congratulating Dr Adel Khelifi and Dr Marko Savic for their new positions, respectively as Provost for Academic Affairs and Provost for Quality Assurance he introduced the new faculty  to the audience. Then, with great pride, he brought back to everybody’s mind the past academic achievements of ALHOSN referring mainly to the acquisition of the ABET accreditation in 2012 for Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Software Engineering as well as to the other recently accredited programs that have been added to the University’s curricula.

However the highlight of the meeting was when Prof. Munther Momany announced solemnly that ALHOSN licensure has been renewed for the next five years. All faculty and  administrative staff  present responded promptly by a round of applause thus revealing how attached they were  to their institution and its continuous thriving.

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