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The Software Engineering Department holds its 2nd annual Industry Advisory Board meeting


The SWEIAB meeting took place on the 10th of May 2011, with participants from leading Software Engineering companies in Abu Dhabi, including Technip, ADMA-OPCO, Martrade Sultan Logistics, Injazaat Data Systems, and the SWE faculty members. The Industry Advisory Board provides advice and support to the department on various educational and academic programs and activities. Specifically, it provides guidance on strategies, assists in maintaining an effective liaison with the department and the external communities, and helps maintain and upgrade the national reputation the department presently enjoys in teaching and research activities.  Many topics of interest were discussed during the meeting, such as aligning teaching with industry requirements, identifying the main SWE tools utilized in the industry today, and running workshops in different areas (e.g., Networks, Programming, and Databases).

The SWE Department obtained approval from the upper management  to conduct field trips to these leading companies in the upcoming semester to enable students to gain a better understanding of the way Software Engineers put their knowledge into practice. At the end of the meeting, all participants signed a membership charter to continue serving as SWEIAB for the SWE Department. Gifts acknowledging ALHOSN University’s appreciation for this service were also given to participating companies.
SWEIAB Members comprise:
Dr. Mahmoud AlFarekh
        Managing Director, Martrade Sultan Logistics
Mr. Khaled Basaweed
        Injazaat Data Systems
Mr. Alaa Al Badwana
        Manager of Information Technology, ADMA-OPCO
Mr. Hisham Hobaishy
        Head of Information Systems Applications, ADMA-OPCO
Mr. Pierre VALY
        CDC Manager, Technip
Mr. David Honeyman
        Recruitment Manager for Meddle East, Technip
Mr. Mohamed Al-Hebsi
        CDC Deputy Manager, Technip


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