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The Software Engineering Department annual gathering


On Wednesday 9th October, 2013, the Software Engineering Department did an outstanding social gathering with the students at Abu Dhabi Corniche.
The gathering took place inside a traditional boat to increase the focus with students and allow them to sense that they are part of the decision inside the SWE department.
The meeting started with a welcoming message from Dr. Maher Aburrous, Chair of the Software Engineering department, who welcomed students and faculty members, and thanked them for their attendance, he focused on the main events taking place inside the department, and, emphasized the importance of the Software Engineering major in the market and how students should benefit from what is offered.
After that Mr Mourad Al-Rajab made a speech , in which he thanked students for their contributions and efforts in the department, and encouraged them to continue the their excellent and ongoing achievements.
Dr. Adel Khelifi, Software Engineering faculty member and Provost for Academic Affairs, thanked the whole of the  SWE Family and Mr. Murad Al-Rajab in particular, for his efforts in the department throughout these years.
Shortly afterwards, the students and faculty members enjoyed a flavorsome dinner while watching a splendid  sunset and enjoying a beautiful sea view of Abu Dhabi city.
By the end of the trip, everyone left with nice memories.
The trip was organized by Mr. Murad Al-Rajab and the valuable coordination of Dr. Maher Aburrous. 


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