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Emirati women day ( August 28):

On Sunday, September 13, 2015 the  Office of Student Activities at ALHOSN University organized - under the supervision of Mrs. Rania Hassan, the registrar of the University, and Ms. Nahed al-Shaibani,  from the department of student activities in coordination with the General Women's Union and the Governing Council for the empowerment of women at ALHOSN University represented by Ms Wadima Matar - a lecture entitled "Luminous landmarks in the march of UAE women," delivered by Ms Ahlam Allamki, Director of Research and Development in the General Women's Union, on the occasion of the UAE Women's Day celebrated under the patronage of  HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak (the mother of the nation).
The meeting was attended by Prof. Munther Momany, Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University, Dr Mohamed Kashef, Provost and CAO, the Chairman of the women's empowerment Club and the Chairman of the Department of Information Systems at ALHOSN University Dr. Fadia Hijazi, the Vice Chairman of the Club of  women’s empowerment Ms Wadima Matar as well as  a number of heads of departments, professors, instructors, administrative staff in addition to students from different departments in the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Business Administration.
Dr. Radia Ben Zahra - Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – introduced Ms Ahlam Allamki  to the audience.The lecturer  provided a brief talk about the women of the UAE - specifically - women working in the military and their active role in various areas of social, scientific and daily life and their striking distinctiveness in all fields.
The lecture involved queries and discussions about the role of emirati  women in various domains. In the end the Vice Chancellor offered the guest a University logo, and a certificate of  appreciation as an expression of gratitude for the information provided before posing for pictures to mark the occasion.

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