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Senior students in the Education Department organize a “Practicum Exhibition”


Senior students in the Education Department arranged an exhibition that showcased the teaching methods that were used during their practicum.
A large number of Instructors and students attended the exhibition including Prof. Munther Momany; Vice Chancellor of ALHOSN University, Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby; Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Teirab AshShareef; Chair of Education Department, Dr. Saleh Al Nusairat; UGR Coordinator and Dr. Basem Al Bdairat; Associate Professor in the Education Department.
Faculty members, students and guests from the various schools in Abu Dhabi were delighted with the organized, colorful and educational presentations of the students. The students displayed samples of their own students’ work during their training. This emphasizes the interaction and the joy of teaching that experienced.
The students expressed their gratitude to Prof. Munther Momany for attending, and especially to the faculty members for their supervision and efforts throughout the students training period.       

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