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American Corner Co-organized a Podiatry Seminar on Sports Day


The Sports Club at ALHOSN University and the American Corner of Abu Dhabi City co-hosted on November 25, 2013 an informative seminar on Podiatry. The seminar was organized as part of the Sports Day event program. Universal Hospital’s and American Board Certified Dr. Jeoseph Quattrone explained to an audience of more than 40 students what they need to know about podiatry. He addressed sports injuries related to human feet. Given that the foot has so many bones, joints, muscles and ligaments, the Podiatrist exclaimed that it is no wonder so much can go wrong with this body part. In fact, there are more than 300 possible foot ailments. Dr. Quattorne emphasized the need to make preventive foot care and early attention to foot problems a top concern in order for one’s feet to last a lifetime. The seminar concluded with a Q & A session.

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