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UAE National Environment Day February , 2015

Wednesday February 4th marked UAE’s National Environment Day. In celebration, Students, staff and faculty at ALHOSN University led by Provost Adel Khelifi planted a tree in front of the Studio Building. The ceremony was organized by the Green Club in collaboration with the American Corner. In his opening remarks, Dr. Adnan Husnéin, Director of the American and Advisor to the Green Club, reminded everyone that “this day is a time to reflect on our stewardship of the environment and how our choices impact the world around us,” “Indeed it is an important occasion and an opportunity to reaffirm our moral commitment to protect our precious environment.” A short documentary was shown about UAE’s journey since its inception towards reducing its ecological footprint. Recent initiatives and programs such as the National Innovation Strategy and the Sustainable Campus Initiative, both launched in 2014, are part of UAE’s ongoing efforts to educate and engage communities, industries and institutions to take serious steps to preserve our fragile environment. In the spirit of HH Shaikh Khalifa’s call for positive contribution, the gathering was urged to ponder “what [they were] going to do to help the environment?!” 

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