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ALHOSN Software Engineering Students Won the First Prize in MAC 2017

The software Engineering. This year, Software Engineering students participated in ALESCO Arab Mobile Applications Award, second edition in Dubai, November 2016, with the app called SAEC (Smart Application for Every Car driver), the team members were:  Osama Kousi, Mohammad Basem and Ziad Atieq, supervised by Dr. Samia Loucif and Mr. Murad Al-Rajab. SAEC uses Augmented Reality and assists vehicle drivers in alerting them both in visual and audible (including beeps) manner, depending on the severity of the situation.  Among the features of the app are  “Lane Assist” which notifies the user when leaving the driving lane, “Speed Monitoring” which notifies user when exceeding the speed limit, “Collision Warning” which alerts the user when the safe distance is not kept between the vehicle and the car ahead of him/her, Road Sign and Bump Detection as well. Additionally, SAEC assists the user to keep track of the location where the car is parked and find it using “Save my car location” and “Find my car” options using the GPS. The app user can pay for parking in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, directly from the app. There were 1350 apps from various Arab countries and among these, four apps were selected from 510 other apps in the UAE to take part of the final stage of the competition, SAEC was one of them, ranked the top app in UAE in the category of educational apps.
In Mobile Application Contest (MAC) 2017, organized by Khalifa University, and Software Development TradeShow 2017, organized by Wollongong Uiversity, our Software Engineering students  Abdullah Hesham, Doaa Abdulqader,  Mohamed Ajlouni, and Ibrahim Ghadban     with their app ARA (Augmented Reality Anatomy), supervised by Dr. Samia Loucif and Mr. Murad Ala-Rajab, and miss Reem Salem, won the first prize in both competitions. ARA is an educational app that can be used in schools to teach kids biology in both languages Arabic and English. The user can point the AR camera to any human body to view the internal organs as 3D model, the option to focus on a single organ by making all others invisible, learning about the organ where the user can read/listen to brief explanations about each body part in Arabic or English, learn about healthy eating habits, etc. The user, also, can draw a heart shape on a board or a sheet of paper then getting the ability to view it as a 3D  realistic model, he can capture a photo with his organs on the outside and share it on social media.
The third team composed of: Rahma Abdulrahmane, Sara Iqbal, and Batoul Stifi,, and supervised by Dr. Samia Loucif and Mr. Murad Al-Rajab participated in the MAC 2017 with their project Face Your Fear, a VR-based phobia treatment app. Three types of phobia were considered in the project: ailurophobia, aquaphobia, and nyctophobia. Each phobia environment has three levels the patient starts from level 1 and after a specific period, the next level starts. The user can experience either the short session (one minute) or the full session (thirty minutes) as recommended by professional psychiatrists. The patient can set the relaxing audio while (s)he is exposed to a selected type of phobia environment. The options of audio are: sea waves or AlQuran. The patient can search for hospitals that have a psychiatry department: this function suggests the hospitals that have a psychiatry department in a specific area and display their contacts and location. The patient can view phobia symptoms and phobia types to know more about this disease and all types of phobia along with their corresponding information.


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