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Education Practicum Exhibition

Under the patronage of H.E. Prof. Munther Momany Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University, the Department of Education has inaugurated on the 22nd November 2015 the education practicum exhibition in the presence of the students concerned and their instructors as well as other students from the department of education and a few other instructors.  

The students presented the work and activities they elaborated during their training period in a number of schools in Abu Dhabi. The visitors praised the students for the outstanding activities they devised. Professor Munther also encouraged them calling for greater diligence, hard work and quality education to achieve the elevation of the nation. He also thanked Dr Bassem Al Bdairat, the students and the schools which hosted them as well as the supervising team of instructors. Speaking on behalf of the students a teacher thanked the university instructors of the Department of Education and the schools that received the trainees.



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