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Department of Education hosts a presentation on “Testing: Principles and Applications”

Under this title, the Department invited Professor Kamel Ghorab, Dean of Graduate Studies, to present some of the latest developments in the field of assessment.

The presentation dealt with critical issues in the field and investigated the significance of assessment in the context of educational processes.

Among the issues reviewed and discussed were:
  • Educational assessment mechanisms and stages
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Learner self-assessment
  • Measurement of educational outcomes
  • Essay type tests and their uses
  • The value of objective testing
  • Performance testing
  • Conditions for valid testing
Professor Kamel Ghorab further reviewed examples of tests that do not reflect clear aims and objectives.  Such tests focus on rote learning at the expense of analysis, synthesis and critical thinking.

Professor Raymond Tenant, the University Provost, was in attendance together with faculty members from the Department of Education. They enriched the session with their contributions to the discussion, which covered areas such as the measurement of procedural goals as well as reasons for emphasis on rote learning and recall in testing.

In recognition of his contribution to raising awareness of these important issues among members of staff in the Department of Education, the Provost, Professor Raymond Tenant and the Department Chair, Dr. Mohamed Hasab El Nabi, presented a certificate of appreciation to Professor Kamel Ghorab.


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