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Software Engineering Seminar Series: The new digital world and unstoppable trends


On Thursday, 23rd May 2013, ALHOSN University hosted a lecture entitled “the new digital world and unstoppable trends” delivered by Mr. Ahmad Murad within the framework of the Software Engineering Department seminars series. Mr. Ahmad Murad is the Senior Director for Strategy, Planning and Support at Du Company. He has over 18 years of experience in the IT telecommunication field and is a member of the ALHOSN Software Engineering-Industry Advisory Board.  The lecture touched upon the differences in approach between the ‘digital natives’ and the ‘digital immigrants’, challenges brought by the digital world such as health issues, huge amount of data, data privacy and security, etc. , and the role of scholar-practitioner in the knowledge creation and dissemination process.
The event was concluded by the presentation of the University crystal logo to Mr. Ahmad Murad, for his continuous support to the Software Engineering program.

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